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Your Home Organized: A 31 Day Guide to an Organized Home

Your Home Organized: A 31 Day Guide to an Organized Home - Ava Conner So, judging by the title of this book -- Your Home Organized: A 31 Day Guide to an Organized Home -- would you expect a structured day-by-day (or week-by-week, whatever, I'm not picky) guide to organizing your home? HAHAHAHA, FOOLED YOU.

This is a short little e-book full of common-sense stuff like "put the pots and pans you use the most within easy reach," "hang your bikes up," and "maybe put your DVDs on a shelf instead of leaving them on the floor?" It's divided into a handful of chapters, one for each room type, and each chapter has a vague description of how you could organize things that are commonly held in each space. Granted, "organize" is mostly code for "buy containers and put like away with like." But that IS organization!

Instead of the structure I was expecting, Conner includes a note at the beginning of most chapters pointing out that decluttering is the thing that takes the most time, and organization is a piece of cake ("Luckily, cleaning out the garage was the hard part: organizing it is much easier.") and should only take a couple of days. So the titular 31 days is basically a rough estimate to how long it will take you to organize what's left AFTER taking care of the clutter throughout the house, which I assume is covered in other e-books written by Conner.

I would give this one star but I got it for free and managed to eke out two tips that I can use, so it was worth it. Maybe if a reader is completely new to housekeeping and/or has never lived in a multi-room home before, Your Home Organized would be a helpful starting point, although even then, paying three bucks for this would make me Hulk out. You'd probably be better off browsing some organizational blogs. Maybe it's better if you've read Conner's clutter-busting books first? Probably. I'm probably being unfair.

Wait, why is there an iron on the cover when the laundry room ISN'T EVEN COVERED and the only iron mentioned in the whole thing is a curling iron?



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