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The Good Thief - Hannah Tinti I finished (an ARC copy of) The Good Thief three days ago, and have been struggling with the review. Objectively I know there's nothing new here, but the writing is so up my alley and the atmosphere of the novel is so well put-together that I want to rave and rave over it.

Tinti's main character is an orphan named Ren. It's not giving too much away to say he's a minor thief, and he's adopted early on in the book by a man whose motives are unclear at first, but quickly show themselves to be "up-to-no-good" sort of motives. It's set in 19th-century New England, and the story has a lovely gothic feel and all sorts of interesting characters.

It is a little predictable in spots, but I felt the great writing and spot-on descriptions made up for that, and it didn't stop me from ripping through this book in two days.

I would definitely recommend The Good Thief to those who enjoy this sort of thing -- you know who you are -- and probably even to those who are on the fence, due to the quality of the writing. In the meantime, I'll be lounging at the bottom of the fence, impatiently waiting for the next thing from Hannah Tinti.

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