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Blue Bloods  - Melissa  de la Cruz Oh dear. This is like the Twilight thing, isn't it? It's SO HORRIBLE and I can't stop reading.

Okay, the good: Melissa de la Cruz, in Blue Bloods, has created a whole new sort of vampire. All the old Buffy rules are out. It involves a REALLY complicated bunch of lore, but by the end, I understood most of the rules. Oh, also good, I was surprised by mention of Roanoke, one of my pet fascinations. There is a little bit of a history lesson (not too serious, don't worry about thinking, other than the Vampyre Rules bit) mixed in with the main story.

The meh: there are SO MANY brand names sprinkled throughout this book that it would probably only be half as long if they were all taken out. The descriptions of outfits are tedious as hell, although they are done a little more smoothly than I thought they would be when I first read about this YA trend. It gets a bit tiresome to read about all the splendid things bratty rich kids get up to in the elite social class most of the characters are in, but it is part of the setting (and, you know, the title IS Blue Bloods), so it's not like it's unexpected. And a massively large amount of the people in this book are unlikeable, including ones we are supposed to like, like our heroine's love interest, who is kind of a doofus.

Also, most of the characters in Blue Bloods fall into the standard character slots in YA novels: the cool outsider, her friend who seems to be in love with her although she doesn't realize it, the snobby bitch, the popular jock who has a heart of gold, etc.

I think there is a tiny bit of sloppy writing going on -- although the part that I saw as contradictory may have just been badly explained, it's hard to tell with these complex vamp rules. But I will go through a lot of crappy writing to get to a good vampire story, and this is nowhere near the worst I've read. It's actually brain-trust material compared to a few of the YA supernaturals I've read. Dialogue is handled pretty well, every sentence doesn't end in a cliche, and the characters seem sort of realistic, even if they are all standards.

Definitely finishing this series, as long as the writing doesn't get worse and I don't die from label-whoring overdose. I would recommend it to people who have the same irrational fondness for YA supernatural fic as I do and who have a slightly high tolerance for shallow fashion talk. If nothing else, you will feel ENORMOUSLY CLEVER once you finish untangling all of Blue Bloods' super-complicated vampire lore. You know, "complicated" compared to "we sparklz in the sun" vampires.

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