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Masquerade - Melissa  de la Cruz Oh good grief, Masquerade is even worse than Blue Bloods. The first handful of pages are devoted to awkward exposition, recapping the ENTIRE FIRST BOOK, which most people will have READ ALREADY.

Every single thing that I thought was being "hinted" at in the last book came to pass in this one; the twists were predictable, and the bits of writing that were supposed to be from the nineteenth century were laughably horrible. Did newspaper articles, even in the late 1800s, really mention in every article about a missing girl that the girl was "pretty"?

There were some bits strewn in about a photoshoot for a magazine, and in those bits there were a lot of weird irrelevant details thrown around, like what was written on the papers attached to racks of clothing. It felt like the author knew the setting and couldn't help but show off her knowledge, even though it had NOTHING TO DO with the story.

The fashion talk was still annoying, but there seemed to be less of it in Masquerade. One other thing that annoyed me: the further I got into this series, the more Schuyler felt like a Mary Sue.

I think I'm ending my journey with this series here. Interesting idea, but I have too many books in my TBR pile to waste any more time on these.

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