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Watching the Roses - Adèle Geras The second book in the Egerton Hall series, "Watching the Roses," is a LOT darker than "The Tower Room."

This book focuses on a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. The story in "Watching the Roses" is sort of cloaked -- I mean, I could figure out what happened about ten pages in, but I imagine it would be a little harder for younger readers, although they'd probably catch on before everything was spelled out, too.

Once again we have love at first sight, but it's a little more believable this time around, as the heroine seems the type to fall for that sort of thing.

I don't know, it was a good book to waste a lazy afternoon on, since it was finished so quickly, but I wish Geras could have been a little more subtle with the fairy tale imagery. It just felt too easy.

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