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Pictures of the Night - Adèle Geras, Adèle Geras "Pictures of the Night" was my favorite of the Egerton Hall series, probably because Bella, the heroine, is the most interesting of the three Egerton classmates. Snow White has always been one of my favorite fairy tales, so that might have helped a little, too, since that's the story being retold in this installment.

Believe it or not, there is love at first sight up in here, and it's the most obnoxious lovestruckness in all three books. It's a little understandable, I mean, AT LEAST half the time in fairy tales, the prince/white-knight hero is an unknown entity, but it's still irritating.

All three stories are neatly wrapped up in "Pictures of the Night," so it was a pretty satisfactory finale. Nothing unexpected, very predictable, but not in a bad way. DEFINITELY a series that is written for the age group it's advertised for -- I probably should have read these in fifth or sixth grade, although there is some sexuality in the series as a whole that my parents wouldn't have been down with. It's not explicit, but it is there: these are fairy tales, after all.

The writing is actually pretty good, Geras writes a compelling story and captures the feel of her boarding-school setting very well. Just don't go in expecting mind-blowing, standards-rearranging storytelling, and you'll be okay.

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