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Vampire Loves - Joann Sfar I liked "Vampire Loves" but didn't love it (har). The book contains a few different stories featuring Ferdinand, a sort of retro vampire, loosely bound by a "Ferdinand-looks-for-love-but-not-really" thread.

Joann Sfar's drawing style is charming, and I like his sense of humor. The problem with this book, for me, is that it seemed like the middle of something. Maybe it is -- I know Sfar has tons of other books, and some of the characters in the stories in "Vampire Loves" have starring roles in a few of them. It just felt weirdly like I'd been plopped in the second act of a a three-act play and had to leave before the final act started, and I didn't like that feeling.

It was a cute book, overall, though, and I'd probly try another one of Sfar's graphic novels if I stumbled across one.

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