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to read makes our speaking English good.
The Good Fairies of New York - Martin Millar, Neil Gaiman The Good Fairies of New York is full of punky -- but cute! -- fairies and interesting people. Sometimes it feels like Millar is trying a little too hard to make his characters interesting, but the story's good enough that I don't care.

On a petty note, holy crap, the TYPOS in this edition! It's one of those books I want to mark up and send to the publisher (or maybe the editor?) along with an invoice for my time.

The story is compelling and moves quickly, and Good Fairies is notable for being the first book I've read that uses Crohn's disease to advance the plot.

Oh, and even though this is a book about fairies, and it sounds adorable and everything, I wouldn't hand it off to a kid without reading it first: there are some explicit sexual references (the male protagonist leaves his teevee on a channel that's nonstop sex-chat ads). I'm mostly noting that in case I think of pointing Rabbit toward this one later, heh.

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