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Bite Me - Parker Blue Got about two chapters into Parker Blue's "Bite Me," got bored, wandered away, came back to scroll through it, decided it wasn't worth it, got rid of it, the end.

Longcat version: I picked this book up because it was free for the Kindle app I had just installed on my netbook. I am happy about the ease of scrolling through the book to decide if it was worth the time I'd invest in reading it; after the first two chapters I was wondering if it would get better. I voted "no" after the scroll-through -- for vampire fluff I prefer the Stackhouse novels.

If there weren't a huuuge run on supernatural stuff these days it might have grabbed my attention more, but Blue's writing sounded like she was trying too hard for a Buffy feel, even though she specifically has the main character state that she's NOT Buffy-ish. Semi-interesting concept but not enough to keep me reading.

I went for two stars because the writing wasn't bad-fanfic horrible and it wasn't a book that I wanted to throw at a wall; please read these two stars as a resounding "meh."

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