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to read makes our speaking English good.
All Rivers Flow to the Sea - Alison McGhee I've been reaching for thin books lately, having accepted that those are all I have the concentration for right now, so I had no ulterior motive other than "AHA, ONE I CAN FINISH" for picking up All Rivers Flow to the Sea.

Because of this, I felt very lucky to find a beautifully written short novel about grief and moving on -- or being stuck in the moment -- after loss. McGhee's prose is perfect for the mood of the book, and I think she wrote seventeen-year-old Rose, the narrator, really well.

The repetition of certain phrases as shorthand for an inability to move forward might be predictable, but it worked for me while I was in the story. I found out afterward that this is YA, which makes sense; it does read that way. Actually, if I had known it was YA before I started reading, I probably would have expected a Lurlene McDaniel-style novel based on the plot summary. Thankfully, that would have been wrong.

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