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Preserve It! - Lynda Brown I nabbed Preserve It! (edited by Lynda Brown) from the library because I liked the cover and have an ongoing interest in the subject matter.

I've canned for a few years, and although I haven't been the most adventurous canner, I have a grasp on the basics. I didn't expect to find much that I didn't know already, but I was pleasantly surprised -- Preserve It! covers the basics of most preservation methods out there, from in-ground storage to curing. I enjoyed paging through it, and while I am not going to make gravlax anytime soon, it's interesting to read how it's done.

I like the layout of the book, too. Each method has its own section, and at the beginning of the section there's a recipe that walks you through the steps of, say, freezing. After that there are a few different recipes using that method. Also included in each section is a spread that pictures the foods best suited for that method.

The recipe I tried first was Cilantro Walnut Pesto, which I LOVED, although my husband said "it tastes like leaves and oil." TO BE FAIR, it basically IS leaves and oil. I probably should have put it on something first instead of having him taste it straight, oops. The recipes, according to the acknowledgments, were compiled from a few different sources, so most of them can probably be found online, but it's nice to be able to page through them.

Ultimately, Preserve It! is more of a beginner's overview of preserving than anything else. If you know what you're doing already, it might not be worth a purchase, but it's a good introduction to different preservation methods, and it's fun to browse through for inspiration.

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