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Bossypants - Tina Fey Bossypants is hard to review objectively because I just LIKE Tina Fey (well, her persona or whatever I can like from afar) so much. This memoir is written in the voice I recognize from "SNL" and "30 Rock," and I love it.

Really, I guess it's more a collection of humorous essays than a tell-all memoir; it's clear Fey wants to keep most of her private life private, so this isn't a deep, therapeutic soul-baring or anything like that . . . it's just a book full of stories about Fey's life, and they're funny. Well, she MAKES them funny.

Fey runs through her childhood, talks about her father a little bit, discusses her summers in theatre camp (the slowest part of the book for me), and rolls on through her days of improv up to her current work on "30 Rock," throwing in a little bit about motherhood and her marriage along the way.

My favorite parts were the bits relating to Fey's career in television, especially the build-up to her first Sarah Palin impression on "SNL." She includes the script for that Clinton/Palin cold open, which I enjoyed reading -- seeing the revisions written into the script was interesting to me, but I guess it could seem like padding if you're not into that kind of thing. I also really enjoyed Fey's piece relating the rules of improv to everyday life.

IDK, I can definitely see a reader not liking Bossypants if they're not a fan of Fey's type of humor or expected something more chock full o' gossip, but I loved it from the minute I read the introduction 'til I read the little author bio on the back flap of my hard cover.

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