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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green Read The Fault in Our Stars on the way to Myrtle Beach. Finished it in one six-hour stretch. I didn't cry too much -- even though I am a notorious softie and a book like this is basically built to make you cry -- because I was in the car which makes crying pretty inconvenient, but I expected to cry because Hazel is a fantastic character and Augustus overcomes the nickname "Gus" once you get past all the LINES and you have to know by the time you make your way through the opening chapters that it's not going to end with bunnies scampering through a forest.

Back to The Fault in Our Stars! I loved the way Hazel's parents were written; they were whole, sympathetic characters which is SO REFRESHING since I feel like a lot of YA parents end up being cardboard stand-ins. I like that this is a novel that heavily features both teens and cancer without turning into a Lurlene McDaniel story. I like the dialogue, even though it doesn't seem realistic at times, because it's snappy and smart and funny. There are way more lolzy moments than you'd expect in a book that everyone raves about sobbing over.

Anyway, it's not a perfect book, but there are many perfect moments in there.

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