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11/22/63 - Stephen King Maybe I'm biased because I'm a sucker for time travel stories, but I LOVED 11/22/63. I'd never read Stephen King before tackling this monster of a novel, so I didn't know what to expect; I just knew a lot of people liked it. At a certain point (when Yellow Card Man becomes Black Card Man) I was SURE this was going to turn into a horror story, but it's not, it's just speculative/historical/science fiction -- however you want to categorize it -- with a sweet love story nestled in the center.

I found Jake Epping, the English teacher who narrates this book, to be a likeable protagonist, and I could understand the motivation behind most of his choices, which is good when the subject is something as off-the-wall as time travel. It's LONG, over 800 pages worth of long, but so compelling that I got through it quickly, although there was a long stretch where Jake was living across the street from Oswald for better stalking that was a little slow for me. The science behind the time travel is about as deep as it would be in, hmmm, a Doctor Who episode, maybe? But I'm fine with that, I prefer the story to the science.

And it's an absorbing story that sticks around in your head; I was doing something entirely unrelated to reading and noticed a coincidental moment of my own. I fully admit to cackling and declaring "THE PAST HARMONIZES, BITCHES!"

There are a few fade-to-black sex scenes that are a little awkward, but not downright awful, and I feel like Jake's love interest could have been fleshed out just a little more, but on the whole I enjoyed the crap out of 11/22/63 -- even without much previous knowledge of JFK's assassination, other than what I read in this old coffee table book my parents used to have -- and I'm going to be seeking out more novels by King. I'm sure he will really appreciate my support, I hear he's been struggling to find a fanbase.

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