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Cozy Classics: Pride and Prejudice - Jack Wang, Holman Wang As with [b:Cozy Classics: Moby Dick|13593636|Cozy Classics Moby Dick|Holman Wang||19181790], the Wangs' Pride and Prejudice-themed board book could have used a unifying theme to make the whole thing work better for infants and younger toddlers.

Cozy Classics: Pride and Prejudice follows the series m.o. of twelve photographs of perfect needle-felted people and objects, each paired with a single descriptive word. However, Austen's plot is a little too complicated for a twelve-word synopsis that will make sense to a toddler, and the end result is a web of ADORABLE pictures that could be read in a hundred different ways. Luckily I had watched a film version of Pride and Prejudice the weekend prior to reading the board book, so I had some idea what was going on.

I read this one to my three-year-old, who wanted to know why the girl was sick and why the man was mean, and said the girl was mean for saying "no" to the man -- so at least this works for an older child, as a stepping-off point to a larger story. You'll just have to tell that story yourself.

(three-and-a-half stars)

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