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to read makes our speaking English good.
Moominvalley in November - Tove Jansson, Kingsley Hart Moominvalley in November was a charming read, full of a good fall atmosphere. I've heard about Jansson's stuff for years, but for whatever reason I never thought to look for Moomin books at the library -- and then I saw this one sitting there, cover out, in the YA section.

It took me a little while to warm up to it, between the writing and the unfamiliar characters, but by the time I got to Fillyjonk I was hooked.

Rabbit read this one too: I left it on the table and she saw it and read a chapter then declared it "weird." I said OKAY and didn't bother trying to dissuade her, and then two days later, after seeing me read it off and on, she decide she wanted to read it, after all.

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