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Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love - Sherry Petersik, John Petersik Although I'm not a Young House Love (the blog) reader, I enjoyed rummaging through Young House Love (the book). It has a lot of little projects that don't cost a ton but will freshen up a space. This is all standard Pinterest stuff, like painted headboards and etched glass jars, but it's presented prettily and the directions seem easy to follow. Each project is marked with its estimated cost and difficulty level, which is nice.

There is some chattiness included with the how-tos, which is fine, but not something I really look for in a craft book. If you are already a fan of the Petersiks, I'm sure you'll enjoy that.

If you weren't previously a fan, I don't know... it depends on your temperament, I guess. For instance, before/after shots are generally not my thing. It tends to make me feel jealous, because I am a horrible person, to see someone's house go from what mine looks like (this "before" shot is generally disparaged in the captions) to a house that is spotless and full of expensive furniture and hip paint colors and knick-knacks I can't afford. Some people probably use this sort of thing as motivation, aspiration. I do not.

So the photos in Young House Love that are supposed to reassure the reader that getting a house together tends to take some time, no matter who you are, don't add anything to the book for me.

But I thought some of the projects looked fun! I won't be buying this one because there's a lot of overlap with other craft books I own, but I'll definitely check out the blog, and I might take the book out of the library again after the hold list calms down a little.

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