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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk - Ben Fountain Oh, I waited too long to review this. I don't remember why I didn't like Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk more . . . it's an interesting look into the mind of a young soldier, taking place during a football game (Billy Lynn and the rest of the Bravo company, Iraq War heroes, are being honored during halftime) but with frequent flashbacks, so it doesn't seem to be standing still.

Fountain's writing is compelling and all, and I liked Billy despite his stereotypical teenager crap, and I thought it was funny in spots, but I don't think I ever connected with the story, which is fitting. Oh, wait, also, it was SUPER DEPRESSING. I remember now. That was the main problem, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk is satire and has funny moments but the reality of it all, the truth underneath the satire, is terrible and I had a hard time separating that from the book.

So I did not like this more for roughly the same reason I don't watch The Daily Show anymore.

And as a purely fluffy side note, I got a kick out of counting reviews that mention this is a Man Book because it involves football and war.

(three-and-a-half stars)

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