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to read makes our speaking English good.
SoulPancake: Chew on Life's Big Questions - 'Rainn Wilson',  'Devon Gundry',  'Golriz Lucina',  'Shabnam Mogharabi' I picked this up because: pretty cover, SoulPancake name recognition, Rainn Wilson. The intro was promising, and I got excited about reading the book, then I got into the main section and lost interest. I probably should have paged through it before checking it out, but I had the kids with me, and I am less choosy when they're around.

SoulPancake is essentially a bunch of exercises designed to help you explore some of life's more interesting (chewy) questions -- what's your idea of God, why are we here, what is art -- and I'm sure for people who enjoy workbooks, it fulfills its purpose well, but I just wasn't up for that. I was looking for more in-depth exploration by OTHER PEOPLE, I guess. There are some interviews peppered throughout the book that looked like they'd be worth the time, but the fill-in-the-blanks content of the book disappointed me so much I just returned it to the library without bothering to read them.

It did make a lasting impression, though: I am STILL wondering why birds need jetpacks.

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