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A Killing in Iowa: A Daughter's Story of Love and Murder

A Killing in Iowa: A Daughter's Story of Love and Murder - Rachel Corbett I feel bad giving A Killing in Iowa a less-than-stellar rating because it's REAL LIFE and there are some real emotions involved: I'm not sure why this is bothering me NOW when it normally doesn't. Shake it off!

Corbett's story is a Kindle single, which means the length is closer to a feature magazine article or a short story than a book. In this case, I'm glad, because if it had been much longer I don't think I'd have finished it. I just didn't like it. I kept making notes in my copy of it because the only way I could get through it was to vent my frustration to a machine.

Pros: the idea of investigating the reason for the titular killing, especially as someone who sort of knew the person behind it, the information about Iowa's history.

Cons: the "investigation" doesn't seem to get anywhere and whatever sort-of-conclusions are reached are only vaguely backed up, a lot of the poetic descriptions feel forced, the interactions with the victim's family are cringe-worthy, and everything seems mashed together so it's hard to follow the story's timeline. It has potential, but all the cons bugged me enough that I'll have no problem deleting it from my ~cloud~.

So . . . not a great first experience with the singles, but I'm not writing them off yet.

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