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Memento Nora (Memento Nora, #1)

Memento Nora (Memento Nora, #1) - Angie Smibert There is a great book hidden inside Memento Nora, but somehow it missed the mark for me. I was hooked from the first chapter, with an initial rush of action pulling me into the interesting world that Angie Smibert created, and I read the whole thing pretty fast, but I can't help but feel it could have been more substantial.

Nora's story is set roughly thirty years in the future, a future where terrorist attacks occur in the US on a regular basis and "forgetting clinics" provide a way to forget your worries. When a few kids decide they don't want to forget, they start an underground comic that sparks a little rebellion. It doesn't go over well.

Memento Nora is told from three different perspectives -- three kids, the ones involved in the comic -- but the speaker is noted at the beginning of each chapter, so it's not confusing. The plot is a bit predictable, in a spy-movie way.

I loved the heart of the story itself, but the book felt rushed and everything seemed to get tied up way too fast. Memento Nora started life as a short story, and was expanded into a book, and I'm glad it was, but I agree with the reviewers who've said it should have either been longer (more substance) or remained a short story (more punch).

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